If you own a brick home in Columbia, South Carolina, you probably have pondered the possibility of painting your house’s exterior. Some homeowners may be hesitant to do so, but applying a coasting to your brick exterior can help protect your home in the long run. If you are interested in a change to improve curb appeal, consider exploring your options with our South Carlina division of Rhino Shield before you search for a house painter. Our patented ceramic coating products are guaranteed and come with a 25-year warranty. One job with Rhino Shield will leave your Columbia home looking brand new.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is breathable yet strong. It protects your brick from the elements and helps prevent mold and mildew from infesting your structure. The coating actually acts as an insulator for your house, too, and can help save on energy bills. Plus, you’re less likely to paint again after using Rhino Shield, so you save more in the long run.

Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more about covering your brick home exterior with our product. Choose from a variety of colors.