If you own a home in Columbia with a stucco exterior, you may not realize that you can apply ceramic coatings to your home for lasting protection. If you are tired of the stale color of your stucco home, you may have considered hiring a Columbia house painter to create a new look. That is one option, but if you do not wish to have a painter come back in ten years to do the job again you should call Rhino Shield today to explore a lasting, guaranteed alternative to paint.

A stucco exterior requires special care when you apply a coating. Rhino Shield’s patented ceramic coating works to reduce cracking and helps your home breathe. You’ll enjoy the bold color of your home’s new look and actually feel the difference because our coatings will not transfer extreme heat into your house during the summer.

We offer a 25-year warranty on your next coating job in Columbia, SC, and guarantee a job done right the first time. Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more about renovating the exterior of your stucco home.