Brick exteriors are made to last a significant amount of time. However, that doesn’t mean they no longer require maintenance. In fact, if you want your exterior to last even longer, you’ll still have to take care of it in some way. Thankfully, maintaining brick exterior isn’t that difficult, and the steps to do so are actually fairly simple.

Prevent Water Damage

Surprisingly enough, moisture can actually affect your brick exterior two ways: splash back or rising damp. Splash back is caused by continuous rain beating against the brick and soaking into the mortar, causing the joints to crack. Rising damp, meanwhile, can evaporate and leave salt crystals that can cause the bricks and mortar to break down. Freezing and thawing cycles can also accelerate the damage, which will cause your brick exterior to require extensive repairs. To prevent this, make sure to check for water damage on an annual basis, and call a professional if necessary.

Paint Removal

Painting bricks was a popular thing to do in the early 1800s, and, unfortunately, removing this can be a difficult process best left to painting contractors. This is because chemical treatments are the best method to remove the paint since sandblasting can cause damage to your brick’s beauty and integrity, and leave it vulnerable to dirt buildup or moisture penetration.


Every now and then, your brick exterior will need to be repointed, especially in places where the mortar joints have become soft or were cracked and damaged. The damaged mortar will have to be removed carefully before the fresh mortar can be applied in layers. With that in mind, always call a professional to get the job done and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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