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Made of elastomeric ceramic that’s eco-friendly, non-toxic,and manufactured here in the USA, Rhino Shield® is the clearly superior choiceto traditional house paint. Although this innovative technology has a higherprice point than basic exterior paint, you can still take advantage of its manyproven benefits. With a selection of convenient financing options, PalmettoCeramic Coatings has you covered!

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Through our partnership with EnerBank USA, we offerfinancing plans to suit almost any budget, with options for low payment and lowinterest depending upon your individual circumstances and qualifications. Findout which plan would be best for you by contacting our local financing teamtoday!

We’d be happy to review your project and help you find themost affordable financing option for you. Just give us a call or complete ourquick online form to get started now. 


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Palmetto Ceramic Coatings offers multiple financing options to keep your Rhino Shield upgrade affordable. Schedule a free financing consultation today!

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