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Rhino Shield FAQ

Palmetto Ceramic Coatings is a local painting company that’s certified as an authorized dealer for Rhino Shield®—the nation’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems. Read on to find out more about this innovative technology and what we can offer you as a BBB-accredited, Angie’s List award-winning painting contractor.

Why Choose Rhino Shield Over Traditional House Paint?

Quality ingredients make for a quality product, and Rhino Shield outperforms even the best exterior paint. Our elastomeric, ceramic-based paints are environmentally friendly and reduce the need to frequently repaint your home. They are also:

  • Waterproof
  • Non-Toxic, Low-Odor, Non-Flammable, and Low-VOC
  • Highly Solar Reflective and Insulating to Boost Energy Efficiency
  • Breathable to Prevent Coating Breakdown
  • Available in 1,500 Custom-Tinted Colors

What Surfaces Can Rhino Shield Be Used On?

Rhino Shield can be used on virtually any surface, including wood, stucco, HardiePlank, brick, block, vinyl, and metal. To see some of our many household and commercial painting projects, please view our gallery.

Can I Use Rhino Shield on Vinyl Siding?

Yes, depending upon the gauge, Rhino Shield can be applied to vinyl siding.

How Long Does Rhino Shield Last?

Our Rhino Shield two-coat system has a 25-year warranty against weathering that covers cracking, chipping, and peeling. The warranty can also be transferred to a subsequent owner as long as it is properly re-registered.

How Can You Be Sure Rhino Shield Will Last 25 Years?

Our independent testing results, specifically accelerated aging tests, have confirmed that Rhino Shield will last in excess of 25 years when properly applied. Because our residential and commercial painting contractors are factory-trained, you can be assured of proper application with Palmetto Ceramic Coatings!

Does Rhino Shield Look Like Normal Exterior Paint? How Is It Applied?

Our ceramic coatings look much like a rich latex paint. Only slightly thicker in viscosity, it will faithfully maintain the look and textural characteristics of your original building material. Although it is typically sprayed on using professional paint-spraying equipment, it can also be rolled or brushed on if necessary.

What Colors Are Available?

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings can be tinted to virtually any color using high-grade paint tints. We offer more than 1,500 color varieties.

Can I Change the Color Later?

Yes. If you change your mind, we can recoat your Rhino Shield with a durable finish coat in a different color.

Is Rhino Shield Expensive?

Because it is 8 to 10 times thicker than normal paint and requires more detailed preparation, Rhino Shield is typically more expensive than a traditional house painting job. However, by breaking the cycle of having to repair and repaint your exterior every few years, you’ll actually save considerable money over time.

How Much Does Rhino Shield Cost?

The cost of installation varies based on the particular needs of your home or business, including the amount of preparation required. Please reach out to us by phone or through our online form to request a free cost estimate for your specific property.

Can I Purchase Rhino Shield Directly and Apply It Myself?

No. As a manufacturer, Rhino Shield requires its system to be installed by certified dealers only. At Palmetto Ceramic Coatings, we’ve undergone extensive training on preparing surfaces of every type for the correct application of Rhino Shield. Our factory certification ensures you’ll be fully protected by the benefits of our 25-year product warranty coverage.

Can Rhino Shield Be Used on Interior Walls or Roofs?

No. Rhino Shield is for exterior walls only. Our interior ceramic wall system, Nature’s Cote™, is best for inside applications, and we also offer a separate product—Rhino Roof—for roof applications.

Can Rhino Shield Be Used on Historical Homes?

Yes! We’re often called upon by historic commissions who need to protect famous homes and buildings. We’re well versed in the unique requirements of historical buildings, including handling delicate exterior substrates, maintaining surface texture integrity, and ensuring a breathable coating for older materials. For historic homes, our solution is much better than house paint!

Can I Pressure Wash My Home After a Rhino Shield Installation?

Yes. It can be pressure washed to remove any loose dirt or dust that’s accumulated on the walls. We recommend 1,500 psi or less.

Will You Replace Rotten or Failing Wood on My House?

To guarantee its high performance, Rhino Shield must be applied to wood that is assessed to be in a condition capable of supporting it. We will repair or patch other areas where possible, but we can only do so where the issues are minor enough to not cause the system to fail over time.

For any wood surfaces that our technicians recommend be completely replaced, we will identify these problem areas and provide a free quote for wood replacement as part of your total cost estimate.

I Have Small Cracks in My Stucco. Will Rhino Shield Fill in These Cracks?

Rhino Shield will naturally fill in small stucco cracks (1/16” or smaller). Larger cracks may require the application of a stucco patch prior to applying Rhino Shield. Once applied, Rhino Shield will help minimize future cracking due to the bonding properties of the adhesive primer and the ceramic finish.

Is Palmetto Ceramic Coatings Owned by Rhino Shield?

No. We are an independent business that has been trained and certified by Rhino Shield. In order to earn our Rhino Shield certification, we’ve undergone a careful vetting process and maintain excellent credentials:

  • BBB A+ Rated
  • Home Advisor Screened and Approved
  • Home Advisor Elite Service
  • Angie’s List “Super Service Award” Winner
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certification

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As a local painting company, we at Palmetto Ceramic Coatings enjoy answering our customers’ questions, and always strive to inform them without any sales pressure or obligation. If you still have questions about Rhino Shield ceramic coating technology, please contact us today! Just give us a call or fill out our quick online form now.