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Goose Creek, SC Exterior Painting & Ceramic Coating

Since 2011, Palmetto Ceramic Coatings has given customers throughout Goose Creek a new way to protect and beautify their homes. We’re authorized dealers of Rhino Shield® coatings, a durable, easy to apply product that goes on like paint, yet lasts much longer. It is tailored to outlast many exterior paints thanks to the micro-beads of durable ceramic suspended in the product.

What can you expect from our exterior painting & ceramic coating services?

When you reach out to Palmetto about your repainting project, you’ll enjoy swift application and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our product also stands up to wind, rain, sunshine, and salt and chemicals without fading or peeling. Go in a different direction with your property exterior and get our:

Our Residential Painting Specialists Create Amazing Exteriors

You may be worried about using a product like Rhino Shield on your home, especially if you have a complex exterior design. There is no need to be concerned about the ability of our ceramic coatings to replicate beautiful home exterior decor. We have over 1,500 color options available to choose from for your property. Plus, Rhino Shield is easy to work with as it applies in a liquid form during the residential painting process.

Protect Your Business Through Our Commercial Painting Services

Your business, shop, or retail location must always be in tip-top condition to remain competitive. That’s why we offer commercial painting services using a durable, professionally applied ceramic coating. As Rhino Shield lasts longer than paint, your business will be able to avoid the costs of repainting next year, the unnecessary downtime, and the unsightly peeling and fading that occurs. Let our exterior painting specialists show you more about our quality Rhino Shield ceramic coatings.

Grab a Precise Price Estimate for Our Exterior Painting Services in Goose Creek

Are you searching for a trusted Mt. Pleasant painting company to refresh your property exterior? Consider having Palmetto Ceramic Coatings apply something different this year in our Rhino Shield coatings. Much more durable than house paint, a ceramic coating can withstand those intense coastal storms, salt and chemicals, and hot sunshine without fading, chipping, or cracking. To find out how to get a free quote, fill out our online form or give Palmetto a call today.