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Rhino Shield Installation Process

Imagine if you never had to paint your home again. Sounds great, right? Most paints can’t live up to the promise a lifetime of durability, but Rhino Shield® ceramic coatings aren’t like other paints.

In fact, while it has some similarities to paint, it’s not paint®. When a painting contractor uses a quality product, it dries to a thickness of about 1.5 ml. Rhino Shield dries thicker, up to 8 or 9 ml, and it’s made up of 80% solids versus just 40% with paint.

What does that mean to you? It means Rhino Shield is guaranteed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting. However, the exceptional reliability of this product depends on more than just its quality and composition; a seamless installation process is also imperative.

Any respectable painting company will do some prep work, but Palmetto Ceramic Coatings’ process is much more thorough and allows us to apply our superior product on a smooth surface.

The result?

A lifetime of impressive performance. Learn more about the Rhino Shield process and see why our ceramic coatings are such an exceptional choice!

Our Process for Installing the Best Exterior “Paint”

Experts recommend house painting every five to ten years, and that’s if you use premium exterior paint. Our alternative to house paint is much more durable and can stand up to the most extreme weather without cracking, chipping, or peeling.

Even the best exterior paint can’t offer the beauty and durability of Rhino Shield, and the installation process used by our residential and commercial painting contractors provides the best possible results.

  • Inspection
We’ll inspect your home or building and make note of any areas that may need repairs or extra prep work before the ceramic coating is applied.

  • Cleaning
Our residential and commercial painting crews thoroughly power wash all surfaces to be coated. This removes all dust, debris, oil, and mildew to ensure we’ll be starting with a clean surface.

  • Repairs
In order to ensure that the coating will properly adhere to any damaged or irregular areas, we make any repairs that are necessary to ensure a flawless finish.

  • Removing Loose Paint and Debris
At this point, we use chemical or mechanical means to scrape off any remaining loose paint or debris. This step allows for superior bonding of the ceramic coating.

  • Caulking Joints and Masking Areas Not Being Coated
Next, we caulk any joints, cracks, or seams around windows and doors in addition to masking doors, windows, light fixtures, and any other surfaces that aren’t being coated.

  • Priming Surfaces
Priming ensures the surface is waterproofed, sealed, and ready to bond with the ceramic coating.

  • Applying Ceramic Coating
Finally, we expertly apply Rhino Shield in your choice of more than 1,500 colors.

After touching up any details, we thoroughly clean up the job site and leave you to enjoy the impressive beauty of your newly coated home or commercial building.

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