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Keeping your Sullivan Island house paint intact is an essential chore that helps stop the weather from slowly damaging your siding. However, it’s a hassle to have to repaint the exterior every few years. This time choose the unique exterior repainting & ceramic coating services of Palmetto Ceramic Coatings.

We use Rhino Shield® ceramic coatings to give homes and commercial buildings a durable layer of protection that lasts for decades. It contains UV-blocking particles that resist fading, peeling, and chipping. If you want to have a great looking home exterior that is also well protected, ask us about the following:

Why Get Rhino Shield® on Your Home?

Those seeking a residential painting solution that provides long-lasting protection and beautiful color will find it in Rhino Shield®. This product is not a paint, even though it goes on as a liquid and dries to form a thick exterior coating. It is a mixture of elastomeric resins, pigments, and ceramic solids that will dry to a thickness of 8 to 9 mls on the home exterior. The resins also bonds strongly with the substrate and prevent minor cracking and peeling in the future. In fact, we back our product with a 25-year warranty.

Benefits of Our Commercial Painting Services

Your business can also look great without the annual exterior painting projects that are a big impact on the budget. In the long run, ceramic coatings save you money by minimizing downtime for commercial painting and simply lasting much longer before a fresh application is needed. Even better, our exterior products are:

  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • UV-Ray Resistant and Reflective
  • Resistant to Salt Corrosion
  • Able to Reduce Exterior Noise

For More Information About Our Sullivan Island Ceramic Coatings

Are you searching for a Mt. Pleasant painting company with a solution to endless cycles of repainting and patching? Give Palmetto Ceramic Coatings a call to speak with a representative about our Rhino Shield® ceramic coatings. You can also fill out our online form to ask about a free cost estimate for your exterior painting project today.