Concrete is a durable building material that's used in many different applications such as foundations, sidewalks, and flooring. Although it's quite resilient to wear and tear, it's not infallible. When concrete does become damaged, it can be difficult to repair the entire surface. One of the best ways of preventing this type of damage from occurring is by using a concrete coating. Coatings will protect the concrete, make it more visually appealing, and increase the longevity of the floor.

There are many different scenarios where concrete coatings can be useful. In most cases, they're also incredibly easy to install with the help of an experienced Mount Pleasant concrete coatings company. Below, we'll discuss some of the best uses for concrete floor coatings and how you can implement them into your flooring installation.

Residential Concrete Floor Coatings

You may not picture concrete when thinking of a residential floor. Although it's normally an industrial-grade material, concrete can be an exceptional choice for a wide range of residential applications. They're particularly useful in areas of the home that receive lots of wear and tear, such as workout rooms and basements. 

More than anything, they're practical in garages. This is because most garages contain chemicals, automotive fluids, and other abrasive compounds that can spill, stain, and damage traditional flooring. Impacts often happen in the garage as well from falling items. By applying a concrete coating system, you can preserve the longevity of your home's garage and basement flooring.

Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Commercial spaces make fantastic use of concrete floors. They tend to be more affordable to install in large-scale areas, and their durability can withstand use from thousands of people over time. Unless you want to replace your flooring frequently, it's highly advisable to invest in a coating. Some common commercial applications that can benefit from this product include:

  • Large Retail and Boxstore Spaces
  • Workout, Gym, and Athletic Facilities
  • Product Showrooms and Galleries
  • Small Mom-and-Pop Stores

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Industrial buildings get the most benefit out of concrete floors, but they also receive the most wear. A concrete floor can receive abrasions, cracks, and permanent stains if it is not properly protected in logistics warehouses and machinery factories. By investing in a concrete floor coating for your Mount Pleasant industrial building, you won't have to worry about premature wear.

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