Living on the East Coast means access to lots of wonderful beaches and coastal communities. It also means enjoying plenty of historic communities and tons of entertainment and activities. 

On the downside, homeowners along coastal areas also need to work a little harder to maintain their properties. The salt, humidity, and sunny days can wear out building exteriors much faster. Some homes even require residential exterior painting every year. 

How can you avoid this unwanted, expensive chore?

Protect your home with RhinoShield to stop the exterior from chipping, flaking, or peeling within a few years of application. RhinoShield makes the home exterior painting process a one-and-done process. That's because it's guaranteed to last up to 25 years without failure. 

Not only that, RhinoShield stays the same shade of color as it was on the day you have it applied. Your home exterior won't lose color or vibrancy. So feel free to apply a pale yellow shade on it. Or go in the opposite direction with a dark royal blue! You'll love how vibrant the more than 1,500 color options remain for decades.

What is RhinoShield?

This specially developed residential exterior painting system is made with ceramic solids in a mixture of resin and water. With up to 80% solids in it, RhinoShield dries up to 10 times thicker than traditional house paint. This added depth helps make RhinoShield more resilient against the elements and many other damaging effects.

  • RhinoShield has a Class A Fire Resistance Rating.
  • It is resistant to mold, mildew, and algae growth.
  • No worries thanks to the 25-year product warranty.
  • RhinoShield also adds an extra layer of exterior soundproofing.

Finally, you'll feel more comfortable in your home on hot days because RhinoShield acts as an insulator. The ceramic solids reflect UV rays away from the building, so less heat builds up on and enters your property.

Find Out More About Choosing RhinoShield Over Residential Exterior Painting

If you are looking for a BBB-accredited exterior painting company in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant regions, reach out to Palmetto Ceramic Coatings. We can give you a free quote for RhinoShield application during a home consultation. Our team can also assist you with installing Floor Shield products and ceramic coatings. 

Give us a call to request a free consultation to discuss the benefits of RhinoShield exterior painting for your home today.