When you choose Rhino Shield for your home's exterior coating, you're getting the benefit of having hundreds upon thousands of colors and shades to choose from. It's exciting to have so many options at your fingertips, we know, but it's still important to make the smartest choice possible. What you need to keep in mind is that the color of your home's exterior can impact more things than  you might imagine. Rhino Shield Houston color choices

The best colors for a home exterior are lighter, brighter colors. Why is this? It has to do with a variety of factors, a few of which we have listed here for you with explanations to help you make smarter decisions about what color to choose for your exterior:

  • Heat: Dark colors will absorb more heat, which will in turn radiate into your home. This can put extra stress on your air conditioning system to keep the house comfortable, making your monthly utility bills rise.
  • Aesthetics: Dark colors aren't a very popular choice in terms of appearance and curb appeal, so choosing something in a darker shade might make your home less attractive to buyers in the future.
  • Fading: Believe it or not, dark colors actually fade quicker than bright colors under constant sunlight. So choosing light colors means the shade will stay stronger and resist fading over a longer period of time over one that is darker.
Like we said, Rhino Shield comes in a wide variety of colors and shades, giving you lots of options. Hopefully, though, we've explained some great reasons to choose lighter colors for your exterior as opposed to dark ones.

If you want to know more about the shades and colors we offer, call Rhino Shield South Carolina today at 843-884-1992.