Rhino Shield® is an innovative ceramic coating system that exceeds standard house paint in a lot of ways. It provides a multi-layered coating of protection for your exterior, making your home waterproof, soundproof and well-insulated. Extreme exterior exposure testing has proven how durable the product is, being able to perform for longer without the need for repainting.

It is also worth noting that Rhino Shield is extremely eco-friendly, which can save the planet and your wallet. In fact, it can help you reduce energy waste. 

It’s in the Ceramics

Rhino Shield has high-quality microspheres made of rigid ceramic walls. Symmetrically shaped but irregular in size, they pack themselves so tightly when the product is applied onto the material substrate. With smaller spheres filling up the spaces created between larger spheres, more of them can be packed together to increase the thickness of the coating, giving the material durability and insulation benefits.

Thanks to this ceramic formulation, exterior walls made of brick or stucco are able to reflect harmful solar ultraviolet (UV) rays that result in a lower wall surface temperature. A solar reflective index of 106 and an R-value of 6.89 are proof of Rhino Shield’s ability to reduce thermal conductivity, which leads to lower energy consumption and subsequent savings.

Environmentally Safe

Many exterior painters use Rhino Shield not just because it can help homeowners save on energy. Indeed, the ceramic coating system can outlast the industry-leading latex paints by 50% or more. This lessens the amount of energy, transportation and raw materials used for more frequent paintings.

Unlike regular paint, the product doesn’t have a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In fact, it is non-toxic and doesn’t pose a hazard when inhaled or made contact with the skin. It can also enclose lead paint, decreasing exposure to this harmful substance.

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