Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home is something that should be left to painting contractors. However, if you’re feeling confident enough and you’re looking for a home improvement challenge, then DIYing the repainting of your home is a good place to start. Unfortunately, the reason why this job should be handled by contractors is due to the mistakes that you can easily make. Here are ways to avoid these mistakes.

Using the Wrong Tool

When repainting a house, inexperienced homeowners sometimes think that a paintbrush or roller will suffice for the task at hand. However, this isn’t actually the case since some rollers and brushes are meant for specific kinds of finishes depending on the surface. For instance, smooth rollers should be applied to a smooth surface to leave a smoother coat of paint. Stiff brushes, on the other hand, can help you paint corners.

Using the Wrong Paint

As easy it is to use the wrong tool, it’s even easier to use the wrong type of paint. When choosing paints, pay close attention to the labels as some may say “For Interior and Exterior Use” while others may only be used for interior painting.

Not Applying Primer

Exterior painters always apply primer when repainting a home so you would do well to follow their example. Primers are often used to increase the bond of the paint to the surface and improve the top coat’s surface finish, which will allow it to last longer and not peel earlier than expected.

Poor Surface Preparation

Before applying paint to your home’s exterior, always make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the surface. This is because paint sticks better to clean walls. Doing this will further extend the lifespan of your painting project. When it comes to cleaning the surface, an all-purpose cleaner that can remove grease is often recommended by painters.

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