If you have plans of selling your home, you have to make it look its absolute best to attract potential buyers. Don't let it look like a veritable haunted house fit for Halloween. Invest in the right home upgrades to increase your property’s curb appeal - and avoid those that won't.

Too Much Landscaping

Stay safe and simple when it comes to landscaping. Overdoing your lawn can increase its maintenance. Not everyone likes gardening so too many plants and foliage isn’t exactly a good idea. Never place fake flowers in your garden, and remove all dead leaves and plants from the yard. Not everyone loves lawn decorations.

Neglecting Peeling Paint

This is not only an eyesore, but it also shows that you aren’t doing enough house maintenance. A poor painting job is a common problem in many houses. Don't make your property stand out in the wrong way. Bold colors may make a statement, but they don't always increase curb appeal.

Your trusted exterior painters, Palmetto Ceramic Coatings, can improve your home's exterior look. When it comes to exterior painting, there are a lot of alternatives to the traditional types. One of them is the Rhino Shield® Ceramic Coating System, which works better than standard paint.

Old or Damaged Exterior Features 

Update all your home’s exterior fixtures. Replace old or damaged doors, house numbers, mailboxes and light fixtures as they give off a bad impression. Remember as well that your roof can affect your property’s curb appeal. A damaged roof means higher maintenance and repair costs, but it turns off buyers and encourages them to demand a lower price.

Need painters for outside of the house? Get a Rhino Shield paint job from Palmetto Ceramic Coatings. Don't let your home look like a haunted house this Halloween. We cater to homeowners in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas. Call (843) 884-1992, or fill out this contact form to get a FREE estimate. Talk to us today!