Painting your home exterior is a task easier said than done. Even when you think you can cut costs by doing this project yourself, hiring professional exterior painters is always the best option. With their expertise, your concerns and problems will be properly addressed. After all, they know what it takes to ensure the success of a painting project.

When you hire the pros for your exterior painting project, make sure not to overlook the following details:

1. Plan to Protect You and Your Property

Prospective painting contractors must present to you a thorough description of how they plan to protect you and your property before and during the project. These include the use of tapes and protective tarps, or covers in the work area.

2. Surface Preparation

Prepping the area to be painted is an integral part of any painting project and is something you shouldn’t overlook. These include the following tasks: scraping, grinding, caulking and repairing. Make sure prospective painters include an estimate for the number of hours and rate per hour for each area.

3. Painting Plan

Be aware of how the painters will perform the actual painting job. Ask for a comprehensive account of their painting plan, which may include the number of primer and paint coats per surface.

4. Warranty

Check with the pro painters to determine if they have a company warranty. If they do, then see to it that it includes labor as well as paint and number of years covered.

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