rhino shield ceramic coating paint alternative

The hassle of repainting your home every few years may seem worthwhile for the beautiful results and improved curb appeal. But, you don’t have to keep up this insane maintenance schedule. There is a better option for residential painting that is more protective and substantially longer lasting: Rhino Shield®.

Exterior House Painting Solutions

Ignore the traditional recommendations of your painting contractor and reach out to Palmetto Ceramic Coatings.

We’re an exterior painting company that uses something a little different on customer’s homes. It’s a ceramic elastomeric wall coating that applies like paint but lasts much longer. Enjoy a bright, well-maintained home without the annual expense or hassle.

Explore the Benefits of Rhino Shield®

We have worked on homes that have exteriors needing everything from a minor touch-up to extensive restoration and repainting. Whether your home exterior is in good condition or not, it can always be better with Rhino Shield®.

Our product is easily applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, brick, stucco, and even vinyl siding. It’s a great option for new and historic properties. Plus, you’ll also enjoy increased durability and water-resistance thanks to the unique composition of this crack- and chip-resistant product.

What kind of benefits can you expect from applying Rhino Shield® to your home?

  • 9X Faster Dry Time
  • Full waterproofing of Exterior
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Mold, Mildew, and Algae Resistance
  • Class-A Fire Rating
  • High Wind Resistance

Don’t worry about finding the perfect color for your home exterior either. We can custom-tint Rhino Shield® to match over 1,500 colors and shades.

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Rather than pulling out the same old house paint this year, turn to Palmetto Ceramic Coatings for something different. Our Rhino Shield® product is guaranteed for up to 25 years!

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